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About Us


Our Vision is to see the Extraordinary Form of the Mass using  Missale Romanum 1962 according to the Motu Proprio. Summorum Pontificum  available throughout the Roman Catholic Diocese of Nelson


The Kelowna Latin Mass Society  is an association of the lay faithful, formed in accord with Canon 215 of the 1983 New Code of Canon Law, which recognizes the right of the Christian faithful to establish and direct associations which serve charitable or pious purposes or which foster the Christian vocation in the world. This fundamental right of association is further confirmed by Canon 298.1 and 299.1.


What we do as a Society is to co-ordinate and facilitate activities in which lay people may be active in the life of the Church. We work to ensure that the traditional Roman Mass as codified in the Missale Romanum edited by Pope John XXIII is maintained in all its richness and beauty. 

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