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Below is a selection of articles on the history and spirituality of the Traditional Latin Mass, by a series of eminent Catholic thinkers, both lay and clerical. Links & Articles courtesy of


Neri Capponi, D.Cn.L., LL.D.

Bishops Against the Pope

Launch of CIEL, U. K.

Glory of the Silent Canon

Rev. Dr. M.P.F Cullinan, M.A., Ph.D., S.T.B

A Treasure Worth Preserving

Michael Davies

The Destruction of Traditional Roman Rite

The Development of the Roman Rite

It is the Mass that Matters

True and False Liturgical Reform

An Unexpected Defense of Tradition

Short History of the Roman Mass

Renewal or Revolution

The International Una Voce Federation History and Current Status

Eucharistic Prayer II its problems and background

Ecclesia Dei, Rome 1998

Padre Pio’s Pilgrimage

Ecclesia Dei Celebrations

Card. Ratzinger’s Address – Oct 24, 1998

Address of the Holy Father to the Ecclesia Dei Pilgrims – Oct 26, 1998

Dom Gerard Calvet Address

Dr. M. J. Ferrari (Canon Lawyer, Ottawa, Canada)

The stones will cry out


Position Papers


The Service of the Altar by Men and Boys

Liturgical Piety and Participation

The Manner of Receiving Holy Communion

Liturgical Orientation

The Use of the Vulgate and the Ancient Latin Psalters

Liturgical Pluralism and the Extraordinary Form

Latin as a Liturgical Language


Silence and Inaudibility in the Extraordinary Form

The Eucharistic Fast

Evangelization and Western Culture

The Teaching of Latin in Seminaries

Holy Days of Obligation

Part I  The Holy Week Reform of 1955 General Comments
Part II The Holy Week Reform of 1955 The Liturgies

The Lectionary of the Extraordinary Form

The Proclamation of Lections in Latin in the Extraordinary Form

The Reception of Communion under the Species of Bread Alone in the Extraordinary Form

The Missa Lecta

The Kiss of Peace

The Season of Septuagesima, and Vigils and Octaves, in the Extraordinary Form

The Extraordinary Form and the Eastern churches

Headcovering in Church in the Extraordinary Form

The Extraordinary Form and China

Prayers for the Persecuted Church and the Leonine Prayers

The Extraordinary Form and Sub-Saharan Africa

The Extraordinary Form and Men

Tradition, Reform, and Restoration

The Good Friday Prayers for the Jews in the Extraordinary Form

The Role of the Laity in the Extraordinary Form

Prof. Peter Kwasniewski

What Do “the People in the Pews” Deserve? On the Right of the Faithful to Integrally Catholic Worship

Things That Remit Venial Sins: The Traditional Liturgy Is Full of Them

St. Thomas Aquinas’s Early Commentary on the Mass

Two Different Treasure Chests

The Logic of Incarnation and the Temptation of Disincarnation

The Ambitiousness and Modesty of Summorum Pontificum (for the Ninth Anniversary of the Motu Proprio)

Latin Mass Magazine

Losing Fragments With Communion in the Hand

Alfred Marnau

The Agatha Christie Indult

Andrew Meszaros

The Importance of Latin in the Life of the Church

Fr. John W. Mole

Assault on the Roman Rite

The Affilicted Church of God

Thus Speaks Ratzinger

Liturgical Peace

Shadows of Pseudo Reform

Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger

The Mass Reduced to a Show

We are surely on the wrong path, 1997

Fr. Chad Ripperger, FSSP

Spirituality of the Ancient Liturgy

Conservative vs. Traditional Catholicism

The Spirituality of the Ancient Liturgy Part 1

The Spirituality of the Ancient Liturgy Part Two

The Unity of the Sacrament of Holy Orders

De Principiis Missae – Liturgical Aetiology

Burton Scott

Eucharistic Prayer II and the Canon of Hippolytus

Edward T. Snyder

Distorting Hippolytus

Alphonse Cardinal Stickler

The Case for the Latin Mass

Hugh Thwaites, S.J.

Thoughts on the New Rite of Mass

Dr. Eric Vermehren de Saventhem

Prophetic address

Alice von Hildebrand

Present at the Demolition

Fleeting Fads and Eternal Truth

Dietrich von Hildebrand

The Case for the Latin Mass

Evelyn Waugh

The Same Again, Please

Thomas E. Woods Jr.

Extraordinary Form 101

Latin Mass Society Of Kelowna        A Chapter of 

Una Voce Canada

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